Village Notification System

The village of Wauconda became one of the first communities in Lake County to implement an automatic outbound calling system (Connect-CTY).  This system provides village officials with the ability to reach residents with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies.  With just one phone call, this web-based service has the ability to contact all residents of Wauconda within just minutes – at their home, on their cellular phone or via e-mail.

To add your contact information to this communication system, call the Village Hall during normal business hours at (847) 526-9600 or go to the village’s website at and click on the icon labeled Village Emergency Telephone Notifications.  If you have any questions about the notification system, contact the Village at (847) 526-9698.

The information you provide will only be used by our system and will not be available to any other users, as the Village respects the privacy of its residents.